Thursday, October 10, 2013

Galapagos Petrels Coservation

70% of petrels eggs are active in 

San Cristobal Island

As well known Petrel has critically endangered on The Red List of Threatened Species, but a census made during the last months by the Galapagos National Park determined that 70% of nesting petrels are active, the monitoring is being developed in the San Cristobal Island. Petrels are predated by introduced animals such as rodents or feral cats. 

Galapagos petrel protection

The monitoring equipment check if there are alive nests according to the presence of adults, chicks, eggs or traces of feathers. In order to increase the number of protected areas and species, forest keepers list the nest position with the help of global positioning devices (GPS), it's important to verify the good conservation of the nests.

The biggest collapse of the Galapagos petrel population occurred on Santiago Island, where it fell from about 11,250 pairs to fewer than 500 pairs in two or three decades.