Friday, December 27, 2013

Ecuador - The First Choice of Water Sports & Adventure Lovers

Do you love water sports? If yes, you must visit Baños, Ecuador. It has been an exciting Andean City from a long time. It is situated at an elevation of 1,800 meters on the borders of Tungurahua Volcano. Even though the volcano is active, the activities experienced by tourists are in the form of thermal hot springs. The regular drill practice for evacuation at the place makes it safer than any other tourist destination. At an affordable price you can fill your tummy with delicious food at Ecuador.
The most important activities that are provided at the Ecuador are:

Rafting in Baños
Rafting in Banos
This place is with plenty of rainfall, which makes a perfect combination of mountain and water for white-water rafting at Baños. You are also provided with the rafting services of 3rd and 4th class at Pastaza and Patate rivers. As exciting is the place you will find the beautiful Andean cloud scenery over the excursion.

Also known as Canyoneering in U.S. and Australia
This is a kind of adventurous trekking you will find at the place, where you will go through the deep gaps between the mountains. The involvement of slow rappel and slippery rocks will make your trip much more adventurous than that you might have imagined.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Andes
If you are uncomfortable with the slippery rock and the deep gorges you can otherwise go for the natural rock climbing trip. Before you hit the rock, you can even have a practice of the same on the artificial rock available at that place.

Dune Buggies

Dune Buggy on a Beach
Even though the place is not blessed with the sand dunes, you can hire a dune buggy and go around the countryside where you would find the wonderful magic of the Mother-Nature.

Extreme Sports

Kayaking and Pendulum Jumping
Some of the activities at Baños are categorized which includes Kayaking through the waters of the rivers Patate and Pastaza. The most famous being Swing Jumping, which is more like a Bungee jumping with a swing motion. This kind is also known as pendulum jumping, where you will have two ropes tide in between the gaps of a bridge with you in between.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking
Here is the youngster stuff! One of the extreme sports at the place and this is more adventurous than any other kind of sports that you will find at Ecuador. During the bike ride you will find yourself taking all the joy of the wonderful waterfalls and you may also fly away from the bicycle seat in some places.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs to Relax
This place has been mainly proffered due to the hot spring in this area. You can enjoy soaking in the hot, mineral laden waters at Baños. You are also provided with plenty of opportunity to do the same after long and great outdoor adventures activities.
With all these facilities you will never want to leave the place. You will find the place unique with its own styles. The major attraction to the place you will find is due to the multiple options provided by the regime and other private sector to spend your wonderful vacation at place, which you might have dreamt of. So choosing a place like this will always be a value for money among your list of tourist destinations. While Ecuador is a place that has the huge attraction for travelers who are curious to visit and experience a city that is mostly connected by waterways, bridges and other extreme water sports.

In conclusion you will find many things that will have a uniqueness added to it in all the aspects by the nature. This keeps the people to stay here for a long time and spend a happy vacation within the budget, which would not be offered by any tourist spotted country in the world. With the influence of mountain biking in the Baños many of the youngsters love to come and spend most of the time. So enjoy visiting the place at the earliest and look for the adventurous trip.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rábida Island 360° Panoromic View

Isla Rábida

Area: 4.9 km2 or 1.89 mi2
Maximum Altitude: 367 m or 1203 ft
Human Population: 0

Rábida is one of the smallest Islands from the Galápagos. Its arid with steep slopes. Most of its surface is rocky except for the beach on the north-east side of the island. The overall reddish color and appearance of the Island is a result of multiple volcanic craters and high iron content in the lava.

Situated 4.5 Kms to the south of Santiago Island, Official Ecuadorian name of the island is Isla Rábida, named after the convent of Rábida. Convent of Rábida is where Columbus left his son during his voyage to the Americas. It was originally named for the 18th-century British admiral John Jervis.  

Rábida Island from an elevation of 5500 ft. [Image Source: Google Earth]
The visit to Rábida begins from the beach area to the north east as shown in the picture above. When the population of the Giant Tortoises at the Galapagos is mentioned, the population at Rábida Island is also talked about. The island is also know for its Red Sand Beaches, a salt water lagoon inhabited by Flamingoes. You can also see an amazing 360° Panoromic View of the same site. 

Just click this  button on the beach given below:

Planning a Trip to Galapagos ?? 

Rabida Island (Jervis) has lots of Marine Animals and Birds you may have not seen elsewhere. Moreover, it has many diving sites to the south of Santiago Island where you may see white sharks, rays, and Bachelor colony of SeaLions. This place is a heaven for photographers as shadows play hide and seek throughout the island because of it volcanic craters. See some more of Finches, Boobies, Flamingoes during your Galapagos Land Tours with Nature Galapagos and Ecuador. Book your favourite travel package today itself !!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Go Wild on an Amazon Trip | Top 5 Ecuador Jungle Lodges

The Amazon region of Ecuador is one of the four natural regions of the nation. Travel deep into the jungle with our special Amazon Rainforest Tours to Cuyabeno and Yasuni National park in the Ecuador Rainforest. Our Amazon Rainforest tours will take you to the best Amazon lodges, such as the Cuyabeno River Lodge, La Selva Jungle Lodge, Tapir Lodge and Napo Wildlife, which are located in some of the most diverse and incredible areas of the Ecuadorian Rainforest. 

Cuyabeno River Lodge

Cuyabeno River Lodge has sponsored tourism and scientific research in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin since the creation of the lodge and the establishment of the reserve in 1979. Cuyabeno River Lodge protect the most fragile zone of the Cuyabeno National Reserve. Over 500 species of birds, 450 species of fish, 12,000 plant species, and Hundreds of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians can be found In this diverse ecosystem. 

La Selva Amazon Lodge

LA SELVA, or “Amazon jungle”, is about sixty miles from the town of Coca, down the Napo river (one of the main tributaries of the Amazonas river) and one mile inland from the river itself. La Selva provides guided rainforest tours with trained nature guides and native assistants. However, there are many other exciting options available and you can create your own itinerary between swimming, fishing, bird watching or simply relaxing and enjoying our gourmet food and personalized service. 

Tapir Lodge

Tapir Lodge offers  4, 5 and 7 day programs, which have been created to provide our visitors with quality service and activities. During the excursions, guests will be escorted at all times by a multilingual and naturalist guide, licensed by the Ecuadorian government. Guests will be informed daily about the following day’s activities by their guide on the night prior to, following dinner. The guide may adjust the itinerary due to weather conditions or guest requirements.

Napo Wildlife

The greatest and ultimate alternative luxury eco-hotel in Amazonian Ecuador which includes the conservation of approximately over 82 square miles (53,500 acres - over 21,400 hectares) of the most pristine Amazon Rain Forest within the Yasunì National Park, an important UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the largest tract of tropical rain forest in Ecuador.

Manatee Amazon Explorer

The Manatee Amazon Explorer is the Ecuadorian Amazon’s only cruise ship, able to take up to 30 passengers into the most pristine areas of the Ecuadorian Amazon, where they are able to experience the natural wonders of wildlife undisturbed by modern life. Our itineraries have been customized by our CEO, Raul Garcia, who was Capitan of the Orellana Flotel for over 15 years.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 best green places in Ecuador

Ecuador Green Travel Destination

Ecuador was awarded as the 2013 World Green Destiny , during an international show called World Travel Award, Ecuador won because of the natural beauty of the country, beating Brasil, Archipielago Fiji Islands, Trinidad, Tobago, Seychelles Islands,  Noruega and Oslo. Here we have listed some of the best green places you should know.

1. Las Latas Misahualli

2. Rio Verde

3. Mindo

4. Yasuni National Park

5. El Cajas National Park

6. San Rafael Waterfall

7. Galapagos - Bartolome Island

8. El Coca Rinforest

9. Pululahua

10. Peguche waterfall

Friday, December 6, 2013

Packing List for Your Next Trip to Galapagos Islands

The first thing that strikes the traveler’s mind when packing for an adventure or a tour is the luggage restrictions! Which is most disappointing thing that a traveler might feel and in a place like Galapagos, where you would want to stay for a long time and spend some good time. The restrictions are set by the airlines authority, which includes one standard carry on of 8 Kg and one check-in-piece of 20 kg. If at all you exceed all this conditions, you will have to pay an excess of US $2 per kg. Some of the other restrictions those you must follow at Galapagos Islands is having your luggage screened at SIC-GAL (a security check) and also you will not be permitted to carry a plant, an animal or agricultural products.

So it is always suggested that you must only carry the essential things and travel light. The heavy luggage can make your voyage to Galapagos difficult carrying all over.

So let’s see that what are the things to be carried for your trip to Galapagos:

The Most Essentials:

  • Travel Documents- When you are foreigner, you must carry your original passport which is the most important document among all the documents. You must also carry all your travel and service documents with you.

  • Day Pack- Usually you carry this everywhere you move on and this sometimes includes the basic necessities.

  • Backpack- You have to carry for your belongings such as the clothes and toiletries. It is always recommended to carry the bags with the wheels.

  • Comfortable Pair of shoes- Always prefer shoes in which you are comfortable walking whole day so that it will not become a burden at the end of the day.

  • Sun Protection- Hats or Caps are also one of the important things that you must carry as you have hot sun plying over your head. So protect yourself from direct sunshine. Don't forget lots of Sun Screen. You would not like tans after returning from an exotic sun bath on Isabela Beaches.

  • Toiletries- Don’t forget to carry all the necessary toiletries such as tooth pastes. Bath towels etc.

  • First Aid & Medication- This is one of the major things that will help you to keep safe in the case of an emergency.

  • Cash- Always carry enough of cash for all the expenditures such as drinks, passes etc. This is important because there are very few places in Galapagos who accept credit cards.

And other recommended item that is necessary to carry at the travel time to Galapagos is Camera, Travel Adapters & Chargers, Memory Backup, Water Bottles, Mosquito Repellent, Alarm clock and Binoculars. So enjoy your time spending at Galapagos with this light packing list.