Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ecuador, best place to retire

Ecuador, the best place to retire

In the last 7 years, Ecuador became very popular in the living world's  International ranking. Nowadays is the best place to retire according to International Living magazine. Why is Ecuador a good place to live? great weather, cheap cost of living, variety of food, landscapes and excellent medical care, are some of the reason to live there.

 Here are some comments of people that decided to retire in this beautiful country:

"We were in Ecuador for one year in 2001 and we traveled all over the country.  For such a small country it's amazingly diverse ,because of the mountains, you can have beaches,  anything you want, just fell in love with Ecuador"
Dean and Susan

"We came to Salinas,we walked in this house on our trip,and we walked up saying  how lucky we are to live on the beach, in a beautiful home, everyday! I mean we are very very fortunate to be here. We have many benefits, medical care has been excellent, tickets to concerts, bus transportation..."
Will and Peggy

"We came here about a year, we came here because it's an affordable place to retire, my husband was 55. His pention wasnt that grade for the United States.  We decided to live comfortably and we found Cuenca affordable. Ecuadorians are very kind, very gentle people, they care about each others..."
Connie and Mark 

"See why Ecuador is the best destination for retire"