Thursday, December 12, 2013

Go Wild on an Amazon Trip | Top 5 Ecuador Jungle Lodges

The Amazon region of Ecuador is one of the four natural regions of the nation. Travel deep into the jungle with our special Amazon Rainforest Tours to Cuyabeno and Yasuni National park in the Ecuador Rainforest. Our Amazon Rainforest tours will take you to the best Amazon lodges, such as the Cuyabeno River Lodge, La Selva Jungle Lodge, Tapir Lodge and Napo Wildlife, which are located in some of the most diverse and incredible areas of the Ecuadorian Rainforest. 

Cuyabeno River Lodge

Cuyabeno River Lodge has sponsored tourism and scientific research in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin since the creation of the lodge and the establishment of the reserve in 1979. Cuyabeno River Lodge protect the most fragile zone of the Cuyabeno National Reserve. Over 500 species of birds, 450 species of fish, 12,000 plant species, and Hundreds of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians can be found In this diverse ecosystem. 

La Selva Amazon Lodge

LA SELVA, or “Amazon jungle”, is about sixty miles from the town of Coca, down the Napo river (one of the main tributaries of the Amazonas river) and one mile inland from the river itself. La Selva provides guided rainforest tours with trained nature guides and native assistants. However, there are many other exciting options available and you can create your own itinerary between swimming, fishing, bird watching or simply relaxing and enjoying our gourmet food and personalized service. 

Tapir Lodge

Tapir Lodge offers  4, 5 and 7 day programs, which have been created to provide our visitors with quality service and activities. During the excursions, guests will be escorted at all times by a multilingual and naturalist guide, licensed by the Ecuadorian government. Guests will be informed daily about the following day’s activities by their guide on the night prior to, following dinner. The guide may adjust the itinerary due to weather conditions or guest requirements.

Napo Wildlife

The greatest and ultimate alternative luxury eco-hotel in Amazonian Ecuador which includes the conservation of approximately over 82 square miles (53,500 acres - over 21,400 hectares) of the most pristine Amazon Rain Forest within the Yasunì National Park, an important UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the largest tract of tropical rain forest in Ecuador.

Manatee Amazon Explorer

The Manatee Amazon Explorer is the Ecuadorian Amazon’s only cruise ship, able to take up to 30 passengers into the most pristine areas of the Ecuadorian Amazon, where they are able to experience the natural wonders of wildlife undisturbed by modern life. Our itineraries have been customized by our CEO, Raul Garcia, who was Capitan of the Orellana Flotel for over 15 years.