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Ecuador - The Best Place for Snorkeling in The World

Ecuador, officially known as the Republic of Ecuador is situated in South America. This democratic nation is surrounded by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south and is totally bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west. The world’s most famous Galapagos Islands are situated in Ecuador on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.
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Ecuador is literally called as the ocean admirer’s heaven. This Ecuador is jam packed with stunning beautiful beaches, dense mangrove islands, low land dense rainforests and also eye-catching varieties of animals in the islands. In addition to these mesmerizing nature and beauty, the Ecuador is known to be the world’s best Scuba-diving destination. One can take live view of flora and fauna in the ocean including manta rays, whales, sharks and even sea turtles astonish the Scuba-divers. The whales present here breeds through the southern coasts of Ecuador in the month of June to October every year. If you are a Snorkeler you will be lucky enough to see these creatures live as they also pass through Ecuador during this month. Apart from Galapagos island there are many other destinations along the shore that offer you Scuba diving facility.

Galapagos island is situated around 550 miles away from the mainland. These Galapagos Islands do not have a coral reef like the rest of the famous Scuba-diving locations in the South Pacific have. However this Galapagos Island houses a large variety of wildlife. This is because of the unique merging hot currents that arise from the Pacific Ocean and the cold currents from the Antarctic Ocean. This is a unique and the only place left on earth where there is no risk for the life of wildlife. Diving in Galapagos Island is not for the learners due to the strong water currents and also due to the partial visibility inside the water. There is not much of a current in the water when the water is warmer, but the visibility will be partial. When the water is cold, the visibility will be more but the current will also be equally more. This also toughens the Scuba Diving task. November to April is known to be the ideal months for diving where the water currents will be comparatively less and the water will be cold. During this period one can take a glance of hammerhead sharks, manta rays and eagle rays.

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The most challenging daring Snorkeling spots are situated in the northern parts of the Archipelagos Island. Various cruises will offer you Snorkeling in this region. The Darwin and the Wolf islands present in Archipelagos are said to be the best places to view giant whale shark which can be seen here from May to November. Apart from Snorkeling, people who visit Ecuador will also be provided many sporting activities such as fishing, sailing, and surfing. This place is full of water skiers, skydivers and also jet skiers.

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