Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ecuador Orchid Paradise

"Ecuador is also known as the World Capital of Orchids"
Orchids, for its beauty and elegance, are the oldest plants in the world. Ecuador has 4,250 species and 1,301 endemic species classified in tropical, subtropical and conservation areas. 
Andreas Kay photo
Orchids belong to the family of Orchidaceae. They live on trees where capture heat, light and air. Some grow on rocks with moss, and other on the floor. Flowers are grouped in clusters of 2 to 20, orchids can be white, pink, lilac, red, yellow, green and even blue. Although they have similar sepals, petals and lips, they change from one gender to another.

Andreas Kay photo
Orchid in their natural habitat grow by millions. If they have food, water and love, the reproduction is endless. If orchids disappear, disappear thousands of species of bees, wasps and insects that pollinate the plants. If insects disappear, disappear fruit species because they can't reproduce.

Andreas Kay photo
Ecuador is the world capital of orchids, for that reason scientists from different latitudes are traveling throughout the year to observe and investigate orchids. Alexander Hirtz, during 40 years of research, discovered 800 species of orchids in Ecuador. "It is the family of plants with the highest number of species that can easily mutate against climate change. For example, the eruptions of the Ecuadorians were new orchid species that mutated and adapted to the climate and geography ".

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Purple Ecuador Orchids by ChanHawkins (Source: Flickr)

Yellow Ecuador Orchids by ChanHawkins (Source: Flickr)

White Ecuador Orchids by ChanHawkins (Source: Flickr)

Pink Ecuador Orchids by ChanHawkins (Source: Flickr)

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